Stay protected when using crypto and NFTs with Nighthawk

Nighthawk is a free, open source, browser extension that verifies if you are visiting official sites and alerts you when you may be in danger.  

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave Browsers.


Surf the web and social media with confidence with the Nighthawk browser plugin. Nighthawk will display an icon on your browser, indicating whether you’re on a safe, unknown, or malicious website

Website or Account is trusted
Website or account is unknown
Website or account is malicious!

How It Works

Trusted websites are identified by a green indicator

A green indicator appears next to the username of  trusted social media accounts

When a site can contain both trusted an malicious accounts, a gray indicator will appear

become a savVy surfer

Download and install the Nighthawk plugin for your browser:

Nighthawk’s Prey

Phishing URLs and
Malicious Sites

URL phishing attacks are everywhere. Malicious actors use trick the users into clicking on links that direct them to dangerous sites. This can lead to usernames, passwords, private keys, and other sensitive data being stolen. Nighthawk spots dangerous sites in real time and warns you when you land on one.

Fake Social Media Accounts and Posts

Nighthawk separates bad actors from verified influencers and makes them known through safe or dangerous badges.

Dangerous posts are flagged with a warning.

Supported platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn.

The Guardian Network

The Guardian network is a community committed to creating a safe and secure online environment

By joining our Discord server, you can share your experiences and get the latest updates and support from our team. We are all working together to combat phishing and protect ourselves and others from online fraud.

Get one Guardian Point

for each threat reported

By reporting suspicious activity, Nighthawk users become members of a global community of Guardians, good Samaritans who want to keep the ecosystem safe for all users. To become a Guardian, use Nighthawk to report dangerous URLs and Social Media accounts or posts.



You are in control of your data. Nighthawk gives a choice to its users to create an account or go totally anonymous.


The codebase, blacklist and trusted list  are open-sourced and accessible for everyone.


Your browser data never leaves your browser. Nighthawk requests just usage data to improve the product and will never compromise it.


The service is absolutely free of charge. Protecting Crypto community is our goal.

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